Why we are giving away chickens this Christmas

At Mondial we have a tradition: instead of handing out presents, we give to those in need.

This year we are investing our Christmas gift budget in chickens by supporting a project by the Austrian charity Caritas. Why chickens? Because breeding chickens provides rural families in some of the world’s poorest regions with a sustainable source of food and income. Sadly, money doesn’t lay eggs, but you know what does? Right, chickens! By giving chickens, we make sure that the money will grow back, given proper care and attention.

Farming families that are at the highest risk of poverty each receive five hens and one rooster. Breeding chickens contributes to a healthy diet which includes eggs and other proteins and increases the household income through the sale of eggs and chickens. In addition, supported families receive training in chicken keeping and care and learn how to build a suitable hen-coop.

You can find out more about the project here (in German): https://shop.caritas.at/eine-huehnerschar-hilft-notleidenden-familien

So in that spirit, we wish you all the best for the upcoming festive season. If we have got you in the spirit of giving too and chickens aren’t your thing, how about donating a donkey or a goat?