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The European Congress on Obesity (ECO), which was held in Vienna in May 2018 with the collaboration of the Austrian Obesity Association, attracted all the media attention it hoped to – and more. It was an important step towards more awareness of obesity among the population.

Summing up the main point of a lecture so attractively that everyone will want to come and listen to the full version – all within only one minute. That's the basic idead of “elevator pitches“. Read on to find out how you can use them at events and to see a short case study.

5 June is World Environment Day. We are taking this important day as an opportunity to reminisce about our past and sum up how we got from being greenhorns to certifying green meetings with more than 800 delegates.

Good news right on time for European Immunization Week: From 2019 onwards, Mondial Congress & Events will be organising another traditional national event in the healthcare sector, the Austrian Immunization Day.

For our latest staff event, the Mondial Congress & Events team visited the Museum of Illusions in Vienna. Besides good fun and snapshots, there were also some quite educational take home messages.

Our offices in Vienna and Barcelona are growing. Say hi to our two new team members.

Websites are increasingly becoming the primary source of information for congress participants and the overwhelming majority of congress delegates registers and books their accommodation online. Sadly, there are those looking to take advantage of this development by setting up fraudulent or non-official congress websites to sell hotel and registration services to prospective delegates.This is how you can protect yourself from fraud:

When we think of Amsterdam, likely one of the top three things that come to mind is going to be bicycles. So the European Federation of Periodontology, whose next congress, EuroPerio9, will take place in Amsterdam, came up with a fancy idea for promo videos: put presidents on bikes and get moving

IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Conference Organisers, is committed to upholding quality standards in the meeting business. In January 2018, its acclaimed education seminar for conference organisers “EDGE” made a stop in Florence.

A quick introduction to the “World Café” session format, how it works, where to use it, plus a mini case study from our experience.

It is no news that nowadays snapshots of scientific congresses fill social media. What many people don’t know: A professional photographer is present at 80 per cent of our congresses to document the events. To showcase these high-quality images, the Mondial team nominated their favourite photos of 2017 for the Mondial Photo Competition. These are the winners.

…three new team members! From now on two more Administration Managers will help look after our congress delegates and our accounting team has grown too.

As one of the first Professional Congress Organisers in Europe, Mondial Congress & Events was recently certified as a Trusted Partner by MedTech Europe. This is to ensure the organisation of medical and scientific congresses in accordance with the new MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice.

In 2017, we had the great pleasure to give three national congresses the Green Meeting certification. More and more organisers of congresses and other educational events would like to make them more eco-friendly. But it can be hard to see where to begin and which measures are effective. The good news is, it's not so hard to organise a congress with the environment in mind. Small changes can have big effects. Our Green Meeting checklist is designed to help you keep an overview:

At the end of October 2017, Mondial experienced another premiere: For the first time, we acted as local PCO for more than 10.000 delegates outside Austria. In other words: We provided registration services and roofs for close to 13.000 heads.

This year’s EUROSPINE congress in Dublin was the start of a long cooperation. Mondial Congress & Events will co-organise the upcoming EUROSPINE congresses for the following years. The kick-off in Ireland was promising, thanks to good teamwork, new ideas and perhaps the luck of the Irish. Photos © EUROSPINE/APACE P.L.C.

Since 2013, Mondial Congress & Events has been acting as Core PCO for the Austrian Society of Pneumology. The national respiratory society is well-known for its good and unique initiatives and imaginative session formats. For the 2017 Annual Meeting in Innsbruck, the society aimed even higher for science: Mount Everest and even space travel were part of the programme.

A congress organiser’s worst nightmare: Due to unfavourable political or environmental developments, a large-scale international congress has to be moved to another country at short notice. We’ve done it and tell you what we’ve learned.

Germany’s second city Hamburg will soon have a new conference centre. Until 2019, the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) will be completely renovated to offer more space and flexibility. In order to take the opinions of international congress organisers into account, the Hamburg Convention Bureau held its second IAPCO advisory board, at which different views on the future positioning of Hamburg as a congress destinations were discussed.

Nightmare, Debate, 3D, Live Surgery; what do these words have in common? They are all session formats at EuroPerio9, the world’s leading congress in Periodontology, which is less than year away. It is sure to once again set the benchmark higher, not only for dental education, but also for continuing medical education as a whole. Here are six innovative session formats that will make an appearance in 2018:

Every year, we hold our traditional Mondial summer party. In 2017, we went back to the roots and celebrated Austrian-style in our very own Alpine cottage in the middle of the city - milking contest and competitive beer stein holding included.

Presentations with 100 slides or more can make it hard to keep track of content. Next time you host a conference, try Graphic Recording the lectures. Finished drawings include all important information at a glance and make it easier to remember later.

When a president’s term in office has ended, he or she, as the saying goes, “hands over the baton” – sometimes quite literally. Our job is to focus on people, but let us follow the history of an object for once, and explore the significance of regalia in the history of modern scientific associations and their congresses.

This summer two new team members have joined Mondial Congress & Events. Get to know them!

Congresses are events centred on education. But you still have to keep the long-term development of visitor and membership structures in mind. A hashtag printer is a cost-effective way to engage delegates on site and improve your social media presence at the same time.

…and we know it. Otherwise, congresses couldn’t work after all. It doesn’t hurt though, to be reminded of this fact once in a while. So the Mondial team went on a dragon boat race on the blue Danube to get a fun refresher in teamwork skills. Includes video.

When congress organisers go to congresses for congress organisers, things get a little bit meta. Because that’s where they get to try out new meeting formats in person before pitching them to their clients. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t throw stones inside a fishbowl and how cable cars can bring people together.
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The initiative “Ride Your Bike to Work” was started as early as 2011 to promote biking among Austrian office workers. Cycling is good for your health, your immune system and the environment. In May, three Mondial teams got spinning to reach their goal: bike to work on at least half of all business days.

If you are organising a congress in the world’s second largest administrative building, you have to plan for spontaneous guests. Being well prepared makes it easier to be spontaneous.

From May 2 to 4 2017, the Associations World Congress (AWC) made a stop in Vienna. The annual meeting offers talks and workshops exclusively dedicated to the exchange between and education of association experts from all over the world. When we speak of associations in this context, we don’t necessarily mean your local choral society. The often huge associations present at AWC unite several hundreds to up to hundreds of thousands of professional members to help them network and obtain qualifications at congresses relevant to their areas of expertise.

Hostesses: without them, no large-scale event could function. Their work is as important as it is often misunderstood. What exactly is a hostess‘ job at scientific congresses and what’s the difference to working as a hostess at fairs and other events? We’ve compiled a little dossier for you.

The aspects of homelessness visible to us are only the tip of the iceberg. Large parts of homeless life unfold in hiding. Public opinion is often dominated by misinterpretation and misunderstanding. The Viennese social business Shades Tours offers city tours guided by homeless people, to do away with such stereotypes. Mondial Congress & Events has sampled the tours as part of a team incentive.

The famous consensus meeting, taking place at the St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference, sets the international standards in primary therapy of early breast cancer for the coming years. The influence and size of the meeting have long outgrown the borders of its native Switzerland. In 2017, the congress took place in Vienna for the second time – an exemplary model of international cooperation.

In early March, when large parts of Europe are still covered in wintery dark and gloom, Malta attracts delegates with sun, sea and sophisticated event facilities. Perfect conditions for the Second EFP Perio Master Clinic, currently one of Europe’s most innovative education formats for dental professionals.

OPC Catalunya, umbrella organization for Catalonian PCOs, recently brought Spain’s leading congress for Professional Congress Organisers to the city of Lleida. Gloria Casanova, Managing Director for Mondial Congress Barcelona, contributed her expertise as session chair.

We often produce tons of congress materials knowing that they will become obsolete once the event is over. What happens to all the stuff that is left over? Not every disused staff t-shirt needs to end up in the bin. Mondial Congress & Events has researched some ways to do good with old materials. If you keep your eyes open, you might find some more in your own neighborhood.

In the past months we could once again welcome two new team members in our midst. As Administration Managers, both are specializing in looking after the participants of our congresses in a friendly and professional way, so that each event will be extra special for them.

Lake Constance (German Bodensee) is being turned into a pool of creativity: Experts from three countries based around Europe’s most international fresh water lake have set out to innovate the world of meetings and congresses. Stefan Walter from Mondial Congress & Events has been appointed into the advisory board.

Overseeing the birth of a new scientific association is a very special task indeed. In autumn 2016, Mondial Congress & Events took over the Association Management for the newly founded Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (ÖGOuT).

From December 17 to 19, the Mondial team, with friendly support by Accor Hotels, had the opportunity to participate in a study trip to Krakow. We brought back piles of information and lots of exiting new experiences

On the 1st of December 2016, young and energetic dentists from the European Federation of Periodontology’s 29 member countries met in Amsterdam. Their goals: get to know each other, brainstorm and plan.

An Austrian charity specializing in providing free food for persons in need, has devised an initiative to help avoid food waste at events. Proceeds go to the homeless.

Mondial’s Jeannine and Lisa paid a visit to ibtm world 2016 in Barcelona, one of Europe’s largest trade shows for the events industry. Read their feedback here.

The Austrian Trauma Society cares about the environment. So much so, that all of the association’s annual congresses since 2012, traditionally held in Salzburg, were successfully certified as Green Meetings in agreement with the strict guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Good morning, did you sleep well? I sure did. It was a rough and wobbly ride on that large truck yesterday, but finally me and my colleagues made it here in time and are safely propped up against the wall with great views of the UEG booth - easy to find too. I’m really happy we’re here, because we can make your registration for UEG Week in Vienna so much easier.

In October 2016, Mondial was honored to sign a contract with the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) which sealed a future collaboration. Mondial will act as official PCO for the European Congress on Obesity 2018 in Vienna and as such handle all aspects of congress organization.

Each year, the Austrian Society of Pneumology uses its Annual Meeting to award the “Case of the Year”, which gives young physicians the opportunity to present their most exciting and mysterious cases in often surprising and entertaining ways. The awardees are decided via audience vote, but that’s not the only irregularity.

What to do when your event venue doesn’t have the space to accommodate 50 poster walls, but your budget doesn’t allow for high tech E-poster terminals? Find out in our case study.

After Konstantin Möslinger (2014) and Jeannine Klaban (2015)  Denise Lembäcker is the third Mondial team member to receive the Austrian Convention Bureau’s Best Meeting Thesis Austria Award.

The Austrian Society of Internal Medicine dared to make a big step this year: Organise its Annual Meeting in Salzburg without any paper materials whatsoever. Participants could borrow iPads for free and access the congress programme, list of speakers and floor plans via a pre-installed app.

One of our clients put us in charge of creating an Ambassador Programme to entrust young dentists with the promotion of their event. See our case study and find out how it turned out.

Mondial's employees celebrated the company's 50th anniversary on September 2, 2016. The "Mondial Agents" took their licence to party very seriously and danced until the early morning hours at Grand Casino Baden.

In Vienna’s Second District, close to the famous Prater and the University of Economics and Business, magdas Hotel is located. What’s special about this hotel is that it is a social business, opened with the aim of creating jobs for as many refugees as possible. As a social business, the hotel is no charity per se, but a business which channels all the revenue created back into charitable projects.

In the past few months our team has been growing considerably. Our three new team members work in three different business segments and their individual personalities are as diverse as their areas of expertise. Get to know them!

“Staying relevant”, “ensuring continuation” is what most association leaders will answer when asked about the major challenges facing associations today. Motivating young people to take an active part in non-profit life seems to become more and more difficut. Board positions tend to be filled with the usual suspects, who are still willing and able to shoulder the workload. But when even these veterans retire from association leadership, they leave big shoes to fill.

In Europe, we are spoiled for atmosphere. Because of our age-old history spanning centuries, we have the opportunity to organize events in grand locations like baroque palaces and old castles. The downside: Historic buildings are often hard to air condition. With years’ experience of working in all kinds of climates, we have prepared six tips that will help keep your delegates’ minds open for education – even in hot weather.

We love them: Our cool and comfy congress sneakers that protect our feet from the stresses and strains of life on site a congress and make us look good to boot. They are our pals and companions and at the same time ensure that we can be identified as a team. So why not, we thought, also make our shoes part of our team PHOTOS?

When we attend a congress as delegates, everything is ready for us. The venue has been beautifully decorated, sessions await our attendance and refreshments are being served. Our colleagues, adorned with name badges and equipped with information brochures, are already strolling through the meticulously constructed exhibition. As participants, we often forget that scientific congresses of a certain size need years of preparation. So today, we’d like to share with you the story of the FECAVA Eurocongress 2016.

In June 2016 we have exactly two years left until EuroPerio9 – Europe’s largest dental meeting – will take place in Amsterdam. The triennial congress of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) reached almost 10.000 participants in 2015, which makes it the largest dental meeting in Europe – high time to start planning for 2018. An industry meeting two years before the congress traditionally kicks off the planning process. At this meeting, the organisers meet with the most important industry supporters.

A Chinese curse made famous by John F. Kennedy says “May you live in interesting times.” There is no denying that we are indeed living in interesting times. However, it would be a mistake to see this purely as a curse. The real challenge is to find growth in adversity. The challenges of the meetings industry often mirror those of the globalized world: Digitalization, the threat of global terror, compliance regulations, tax reform, the sharing economy – a rapidly changing world that seems to be turning faster each day. 

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a city that is justly famous for its arty flair and creative atmosphere and that has been driving a flourishing, now world-renowned design movement. We’ll show you how you can hold a productive scientific meeting that also integrates the best and most cutting-edge features of its host destination for the pleasure of its attendees – from the venue to the post-congress tours

The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (OEGGG) was held in Linz from May 25 to 29. The congress is a true Austrian tradition. Held annually over the long Corpus Christi weekend, participants, speakers and exhibitors make sure to save this date way in advance, not least because of the highly diverse and relevant scientific programme. 

From April 24 to 26 Vienna once again became the centre of European Trauma and Emergency Surgery. For the first time since 2002, the European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) made camp in the Austrian capital. It is one of the most important congresses of its kind internationally and managed to draw extra special attention this year due to a celebrity guest.

We feel it: A clear tendency among our Core PCO clients to favor Vienna in the rotation of their annual meetings. Read on to find out the reasons for this "Vienna effect".

Since the start of 2016, Mondial has welcomed two new association managers!

The T.A.I. Advertising Grand Prix is organized annually by Tourist Austria International, one of Austria’s most influential magazines for the tourism industry. For the brochure “Your congress has character. So do we.” Mondial Congress & Events received the Special Price of the Jury.

In order to better react to current developments in the meetings industry, Mondial Congress & Events has revised its organisational structure and added a new management level. Barbara Skrott is now Director of National Projects, Florian Fehringer becomes Director of International Projects.